Meet Me: The writer. Lured by diversity, education, and culture.

I am a writer. (So simple, right?) The audiences and organizations I serve are as diverse as your grandma's medicine cabinet. There's irony in that statement. 

As a newbie to the full-time field of writing, my goal is to grow my portfolio to match my passion. Here are my truths:

I am a proud alumni from Colorado State University. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications in 2015 and a Masters of Organizational Leadership with a specialization in International Management in 2017. 

My condensed career plan looks like this: Notable growth and expertise development in the areas of copywriting, journalism, media coordination, and education. Writing a book and acceptance into a doctorate program are also on my radar. 

I've traveled to a few countries, I've socialized in countless cultures, and I believe we are the sum of our parts, plus a lot more. Diversity and globalism is a worldwide phenomenon. Through digital media we, the writers and educators, are bridging the gap for global communities. This is setting the stage for something far greater and exhilarating.  

Like what you read? Let's make some magic together. Visit my contact page for more information.