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How Wonder Woman Crushed the Debate on Gender Equality

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In the spirit of the entertainment industry, let’s visit the world of movies and gender. Admittedly, when I think of a movie character that displays the traits of dominance and heroism, I think of a man. Call me brainwashed, but the gender stereotype is something we have been socialized to accept.

Now: Here we are, it’s 2017, Wonder Woman basically broke the box-office by surpassing $700 million in ticket sales worldwide and wouldn’t you know; the dominant and heroic character in this case happens to be a woman. Has Wonder Woman broken the gender barrier where lead roles involving strength and heroism are concerned?

Let’s lay some background first. Diana, the unconquerable warrior princess of the Amazons, was raised on a sheltered island in paradise when she meets an American Pilot who illustrates to her the massive conflict raging in the outside world. Diana aka Wonder Woman believes she can stop the enormous threat and decides to leave her sheltered home in paradise for the first time. From there, Wonder Woman is birthed. The princess of the Amazons transforms from a naive, warrior to an inspiring hero. She arrives to the outside world and fights alongside men in “a war to end all wars” and this is where she discovers her full powers thus enlightening herself to her true destiny of badassery and such.

In 2017, the debate on gender equality has become so heated that women are marching down the city streets dressed in vagina costumes, holding signs that say, “bitches get shit done” and “keep your rosaries off my ovaries!”. While I fully agree with the cause they are advocating, I also find it appropriate to say that in some cases, the term “feminism” has been hijacked in an attempt to see who can be the most oppressed. The word “feminism” and the values it entails is being launched from left to right and quite frankly, I think society is tired of having the concept of feminism shoved down its throats. Perhaps that is what makes Wonder Woman so attractive-A movie that devoid of any feminist agendas and is instead focused on a grand display of strength and comic book birthed heroism, and the lead role is coincidentally played by a woman.

The movie Wonder Woman offers a refreshing perspective to the minefield of gender stereotypes. I think primary reason that Wonder Woman was launched to success though, was because her role was devoid of advocating any feminist ideas. Strength is not contingent on being a man or a woman. That is a victory we all can settle on. Now, channel your inner warrior. Penis and vagina costumes for everyone! 


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