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Things My Mom Would Say: The Only Free Cheese in Life is the Cheese in the Trap

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Our mom was full of wit and smartass one-liners. While growing up, I frequently would draw on her principles of logic and grit. As requested, part two of, "Things My Mom Would Say: The Only Free Cheese in Life is the Cheese in the Trap".

The laws of prosperity govern that in order to maintain a prosperous livelihood, you must become a person who lives in prosperity consciousness, and must handle prosperity responsibly. The only free cheese in life is the cheese in the trap, my mom would say. Nothing in life comes for free and success never goes on sale. 

I like to believe in the forces of karma and the notion that there is always a price to pay for the circumstances we confront in our lives. Karma; it’s my form of self-discipline and accountability. What happens though, when I cut through the laws of integrity and assert my personal justification into my decision-making? A mouse will always find free cheese in the mousetrap; but I never saw one that was very happy about it (Diefenbach, n.d.). When I skirt my way into the trap I am faced with short-lived happiness coupled with endearing madness. An addict chasing the invisible high of instant gratification. I need more, and more, of my life drug to reach the highest levels of internal satisfaction and the next thing I know, I’ve blown through an eight ball and 90% of all self-dignity.     

I recall from my youth, such a logical illustration of this principle. I heard a modeling ad on the radio and asked my mom if I could do it. “We only have to pay for the photo shoot and then I can be a model!”, I begged my mom. My mom struck her lightning bolt of logic on my grandiose plans, “Rudda, if you have to pay to be a model, then you do not need to be a model.”

Another instance in my early 20’s when I quit my fulltime job to work nights at a bar. It was all the rage; plenty of other fulltime, female, college students trying to make quick cash and still make it to class in the morning. My philosophy was, “easy come, easy go”, and as quickly as the cash stacked up, it disappeared and what do I have to show for it today? Absolutely nothing but skepticism, self-loathing, and finite street smarts. (I met a few cool people though.)  

The millennial generation is plagued by a grab-bag of “get rich quick” schemes that curb hard work and instead, fuel our insatiable need for instant gratification. We were fed serendipitous ideals of true destiny and throughout the course of adolescence into adulthood, we found ourselves perpetually stuck in the trap with free cheese and delusions of how we may have arrived upon such a fate. Free cheese is devoid of dedication, commitment, endurance, and discipline-it’s a choice to remain dedicated and disciplined and our choice is what keeps us free from the mirage of the cheese trap. Free cheese looks glamorous from the outside but the reality is, when you step in the trap, there will always be a price to pay. Nothing in life is for free!


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